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Moving By Bike: Practice More And More Popular

A Bike To Move, A Quebec Idea!

It was in 2008, in Montreal, that was born the idea a little farfetched to move by bike. A very welcome approach in a city where almost all tenants and they are many, have a habit of moving every July 1, a day when it is nearly impossible to circulate in the city as the streets are full of trucks and vans The company Myette then launched a superb challenge by offering a moving service by bike, an idea that has come a long way and its proven and also emulated in France!

Moving By Bike, How Does It Work?

Bicycles are equipped with lightweight aluminum trailers, which can carry 15m3 of goods and support a weight of 300 to 400kg. From simple furniture to complete home, it is possible to move everything by bike. As with any move, the boxes and objects are attached or laminated and protected if necessary. The material remains very adaptable depending on the items to be transported. Once on their bikes, movers use secure lanes to ensure safe loading and drivers. The speed of the convoy will hardly exceed 10km / h.

Move By Bike, Simple, Practical, Green, And Economical!

Moving by bike offers many benefits. There is, of course, the ecological aspect. It is then more comfortable and less time-consuming. In the city, it is still more comfortable to ride a bike and park with a van! And finally, the prices offered by these moving cyclists defy all competition. They can be up to 40% cheaper than a classic mover. A good plan for those who have a very tight moving budget!