How To Maintain Your Teak Outdoor Furniture In Sydney

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How To Maintain Your Teak Outdoor Furniture In Sydney

Teak outdoor furniture in Sydney has many special features unique to the material that make it perfect for use as patio seating. They are the ideal inclusion in a big backyard space for those of us who love to entertain during the summer with big barbeques and pool parties.

Of course, any timber piece is going to need to be protected against wear from the harsh outdoor elements. The following will take a look at some information you can use to maintain your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney so that it looks amazing for whatever backyard entertaining or recreation you’re planning.

Why is this type of wood so ideal?

As a wood, this material is very oily as well as dense. The naturally occurring oil within the wood gives it a great deal of protection from insect infestations such as termites. The oil is also important in making the wood watertight so that it can be left in the backyard and exposed to the elements for a very long time. A high-quality finishing job will mean your patio set-up lasts for literally generations.

When the wood is new, it has a honey colour, but this will degrade over time and become a lighter grey. The change only affects the outside appearance of the wood, but there are some maintenance tips you can use to keep the golden colour for longer.

Do you need to use an oil product?

Most of the time, manufacturers of your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney recommend you use a special type of oil (mostly made from solvents and linseed oil) which is often marketed as ‘teak oil’. You can use this to quickly freshen up the colour of your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney as well as further protect it from weather damage.

You will need to reapply the oil every couple of months so you can get in before the piece starts to go grey again. Unfortunately, sometimes if you use too much the excess oil can collect and cause fungus to grow on the wood which will make it look even worse.

When you start using this artificial oil treatment, your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney will become dependent on it to look good and will grey faster when you stop using it. This isn’t the best method of doing things, but it is what the industry standard is.

What about using a sealer?

There is another method of taking care of your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney; sealer. Unlike the oil product, sealer won’t cause any damage to the natural oil that already exists within the wood and will instead create a barrier than traps in said oil, preventing it from oxidizing turning your wood grey.

You only need to reapply the sealer once a year in order to ensure the product is effectively protecting your teak outdoor furniture in Sydney. If, for some reason, you want to let the wood age again then you can simply stop using the sealer.

The superior way to protect your teak outdoor furniture is to use the sealer rather than the oil as it needs to be reapplied less frequently and will not damage the woods natural oil. If you need more information, it never hurts to discuss the maintenance of the wood with your local timber expert.