Month: December 2019


Shopping Tips For Locals Sourcing Glasses and Frames

Local shoppers in the market for a quality pair of glasses online and frames should understand what constitutes best practice in this industry.

While experienced customers will know exactly what they are looking for, where they should be looking and how to score a bargain, others won’t have any idea where to begin.

The good news is that there are some effective strategies at hand that will point men and women in the right direction for their ideal pair of frames.

Here we will discuss what those methods will look like and how a little bit of foresight can be beneficial.


Identify Face Shape Profile

When it comes to selecting a quality pair of glasses online and frames, it is necessary to understand the face shape to make the exercise more straightforward. This will be a process that will work best when constituents understand their face symmetry and locate a style that works for their profile. From oval faces to round, heart-shaped, square and triangular shapes, customers should identify a brand that helps to juxtapose the sharp angles and fit neatly across the bridge of the nose.


Personal Taste Preference

Once the face shape has been established and the roundness and sharpness points have been identified with a selection of glasses and frames, the next phase is to pick a brand style. This can be showcased with a range of browline models, cool aviator pairs for that 80s retro look, conservative business pairs that are no fuss to large framed items that are built to last. Participants should consider what type of sun exposure they are experiencing, what is the social or commercial environment of wearing the item and what really works for them at a gut feel level. If the product feels forced or unnatural, it won’t be a valuable investment.


Update the Prescription

For those shoppers in the market for a prescription pair of glasses and frames, an updated version will need to be acquired from a local optometrist. Obtaining this document will help the user meet three forms of criteria when they are selecting a product physically off the shelf or through an online seller. They will need to know the temple size, the eye size and the bridge size. This process will be assisted when the optometrist is consulted, acquiring information on the axis, cylinder, OD, ADD, OS and sphere for their prescription.


Protection Measures

Constituents who want to secure a valuable pair of glasses and frames are well placed when they are able to do business with a company that offers tangible protection measures. From the inclusion of a microfiber cloth to a protective casing that encloses the item and a warranty and return policy agreement thrown into the mix, there are outlets who extend beyond the basic service. Customers who carefully read the terms and conditions to make these provisions a priority are doing themselves a quality service.


Work With Known Brands

Private sellers and black market operators might be able to provide glasses and frames at a cut down price, but there will be no regulations or provisions that will protect the customer during the transaction. That is why it is easy to be seduced as a new shopper who is tempted into a purchase simply because it is more affordable in the moment. When it comes to cheap materials, they are more susceptible to breaking to force the customer back to another supplier in a matter of weeks. Those constituents who stick to known brands when they are seeking glasses and frames will find that their needs are met with customer service representatives who have a reputation to uphold.