6 Traits Needed To Be A High-Quality Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne

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6 Traits Needed To Be A High-Quality Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne

Being a solicitor is one of those professions that is often overly glorified and celebrated in films, the media and written fiction. Whilst it can certainly be a lucrative and rewarding profession, there is no doubt that being a criminal lawyer in Melbourne can be difficult, draining and frustrating. There’s a reason why you need to study for at least five years at university in Australia in order to become a qualified, undergraduate solicitor. It’s a career path not for the feint-hearted and one that requires consistent commitment, dedication and perseverance. If you are trying to figure out if a career in the courtroom is the right choice for you, read on to help settle your mind. Here are some of the most important qualities that would greatly benefit a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.



It’s no secret that if you want to become a respected and successful criminal lawyer in Melbourne, you need to be willing to put in the hard work. Studying a Bachelor’s degree to become a solicitor is no easy feat – five years of full-time study, during which time you will endure exams, mock trials, internships and assignments. The hours committed to study and work can be rather intense, so if you’re someone who likes the sound of legal jargon, likes working in a courtroom and has an appetite for hard work, a job in the legal system could be just what you need.


Great communication skills

Another thing that solicitors need to be good at, or at least be willing to develop, is their communication skills. You need to have a strong oratory acuity and ability to communicate clearly, since you need to be able to communicate your client’s case in a concise manner. You can develop these skills by engaging in public speaking functions, mock trials or attending Toastmasters events.


Strong analytical skills

To be a successful and respected criminal lawyer in Melbourne, you also need to have a strong analytical brain. You need to be able to take key points of legislation and legal frameworks and be able to apply them to different cases and situations.



Ask any solicitor and they’ll tell you that determination and commitment are crucial if you want to be successful. Determination is important because there will be times where the workload will be so intense that you’ll start to question your ability to overcome it. There will be times when you won’t understand certain things. This is all completely fine; however, it is very important that you respond constructively and positively to such challenges.


Good judgment


Furthermore, to be a good criminal lawyer in Melbourne, it helps to have a good sense of judgement. Representing people who have been charged with serious offences of misdemeanours can be morally conflicting work. If you are a person who can’t defend someone who is guilty of the charges, then you need to be able to judge and determine whether that person is guilty (they might not be totally upfront with you). Similarly, you also need to be able to honestly communicate to your client about the projected success of their case, based off your own judgment.



Finally, it also helps to have a bit of creativity up your sleeve for those cases that are particularly complex and tricky. In order to be the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne, you need to be able to think outside the box from time to time. Not everything will be straightforward, like they are in your legal textbooks. Every now and then, a case will come along that will test your abilities as a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.